Restricted Application strategy

The Restricted Application strategy is designed to maximize social security & survivor benefits for married couples that have reached full retirement age and both have comparable incomes. This works well when one spouse wants to retire and the other wants to continue working to a later age. The spouse that retires claims their Social Security benefit and by doing so allows the working spouse to file a restricted application and collect only the spousal benefit.  This allows the working spouse to continue to earn delayed retirement credits up to a maximum at age 70.


For Example -  Tom (66) and Jan (66) both qualify for 1000 monthly Social Security Benefit at their current age.  Jan retires and files to collect the $1000 monthly benefit, this allows Tom to file a restricted application and collect the spousal benefit of $500 monthly and continue to earn delayed retirement credits on his own earnings record up to a maximum benefit at age 70.  Then when Tom reaches age 70 he files to collect his full retirement benefit of $1320 monthly based on his earnings record.  This ultimately allows for Tom and Jan to maximize their benefits while they are alive and  increase survivor benefit.


Jan's Social Security Benefits

Tom's Social Security Benefits


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Social Security Maximization Calculator

The Social Security Maximization Calculator illustrates Social Security Retirement Benefits at ages 62-70, Spousal Benefit at ages 62-70 & Survivor Benefits at ages 60-70. The calculator can be used to determine the optimal age to collect to maximize the total amount collected from Social Security benefits.


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